Why Gratitude Matters

In these uncertain times it is very easy to focus on all the challenges we face individually and as a nation.  It can lead to discouragement and despair.  But did you know that many studies show that when we focus on being grateful for our many blessings, the human brain creates new neural patterns that actually make us more joyful?  In other words, Gratitude will improve your Attitude! This isn't a new concept.  Search the Bible for scriptures on being thankful and you will be reading for weeks.   Having gratitude is good for us.  And who would know better than the One who made us?

What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for family and friends even though I can't be with them right now.  I'm thankful for the heroic medical professionals who are on the front line of this current pandemic battle.  I am thankful for the countless many truck drivers, grocers, pharmacists, retail workers and first responders who are working hard to make life as "normal" as it can be right now.  There are so many people who need to hear an encouraging word.

Why Handwritten Matters

Writing is a lost art.  It takes more effort than a text or phone call.  It forces you to slow down and consider the impact of each word.  It is tangible and creative and expressive and intimate.  It is a hug when we can't be together.  It's the best way to convey a heart's message. 

I believe in the power of all the arts to give us a glimpse of the transcendent and divine.  My chosen mediums are calligraphy and drawing and reflect my desire to encourage the viewer's heart and point them toward that which is bigger than ourselves.    

To that point, I've put together a group of custom designed and hand-lettered note cards to encourage you to write a note to someone who could use it.  And while you write, you will be improving your thought patterns by focusing on the many blessings in your life.

I'm also offering some art prints that are meant to encourage and focus your heart and mind on words of truth and joy.  I have various styles and sizes that make great gifts for your loved ones or yourself.